Mindful Journaling for French Fluency

A 3-week program to transform the French you know into the French you speak

Who is it for?

You are an intermediate French learner and you are on a path of self-reflection and self-development. Your passive knowledge of French is good enough, but you still struggle when it comes to speaking spontaneously. You’re an introvert and you love reflection on yourself and your life. You like learning autonomously, but need an expert to correct you and show you how you can improve.

Mindful Journaling for French Fluency is just for you. 

What is it?

It’s a 3-week journaling and speaking programme. Through introspective prompts, you will be able to feel the direct benefits of journaling in a foreign language, both for you self-awareness and your language improvement. 

Be finally connected to your French self.  

Express yourself more freely and more confidently in French, all while discovering and understanding yourself better through the lens of another language.

What are the benefits of this programme?

Meaningful: write and speak about introspective subjects that will help you understand, accept, and bring compassion to yourself, for a better balanced life.
– Challenging: work on your own and be inspired to do your best and to actually use the words and structures you know;
Accountability: the rhythm of 2 assignments a week encourages you to respect the deadlines, enabling you to truly progress;
Convenient: work whenever you want, wherever you are;
Complete: enhance your structure and vocabulary,  improve your pronunciation and intonation, and do the inner-work you need.
Effective: be in contact with French regularly and make the most of it, focusing on the process rather than on the result… knowing that the results are inevitable.

"En m'inscrivant à ce programme, je savais que j'allais améliorer mon français et l'écriture introspective me semblait une bonne idée.

Mais j'ai été véritablement surprise de l'aspect thérapeutique de ces activités.

Je peux clairement voir le lien entre apprendre le français et le développement personnel.

"J'ai été vraiment surprise parce que je suis habituée à réfléchir sur moi-même, et je ne pensais pas revivre des émotions aussi fortes à travers l'écriture introspective en français.

Certaines choses du passé ont refait surface, et y réfléchir en français m'a permis de les voir autrement, et d'y apporter de la guérison"


How does it work?

1. Once a week, receive a journaling prompt with a few specific words to use;
2. Notes and corrections from your teacher within 24 hours.
3. Record yourself speaking spontaneously about what you wrote.
4. Get individual and specific feedback in a video, on the language + on the personal level.
5. Additional language explanations, exercices and key to work on what you really need at your own rhythm.
6. Receive weekly guided meditations in French for a focused, mindful practice.
7. Join our Slack community and feel supported by other Mindful French Learners.

About the teacher


I’m Jessica Tefenkgi-Ruelle. I’m a French teacher, certified Life Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner. 

I am passionate about language learning and self-development. I discovered the power of journaling in another language when I was a teenager. As an adoptee, I needed to express the ambiguities of my thoughts without hurting my family’s feelings and that was tricky in my own « mother » tongue. Today, I still use journaling in the languages I’m learning as a tool to understand myself and manage my emotions on a daily basis.

 I help intermediate francophiles on a journey of self-discovery to find their voice en français and develop a better relationship with themselves through expressing their thoughts and emotions in another language.

Mindful Journaling for Fluency Programme

* Grow your confidence, one assignment at a time;
* Explore yourself through the lens of French;
* Improve from your mistakes and develop a growth mindset:
* Continue progressing after the programme;
*Feel connected to yourself and to our community of French learners.

Next starting date: November 11th

"It's about the language, but it's not only about the language.
It's about what the language enables you to discover about yourself.

It's an experience that changes you, beyond what any other language class has ever changed you. Of course, your French will improve. It's almost a side-effect. Your life will improve and that is priceless."




A good place to start


* 3 journaling prompts

* 3 audio recordings

* 6 detailed and personal feedback both in writing + in video

* 3 guided meditations

* 3 « fiches linguistiques »

* Unlimited support within working hours.

* Access to Slack private channel for 3 weeks

Price – 175$



3 x 3 WEEKS 


You love the program and you want to see long-term progress. This is the best deal

* Same as « Take it Easy« , but 3 months in a row.

* 3 weeks + 1 week off, for 3 months

* 18 detailed and personal feedback both in writing + in video

* 9 guided meditations

* 9 « fiches linguistiques »

* Unlimited support within working hours.

* Access to Slack private channel for 12 weeks

+BONUS: a 1:1 30 min coaching call

Price – 450$





Perfect just before a test or a holiday in a French-speaking country
* 6 journaling prompts

* 6 audio recordings

* 12 detailed and personal feedback both in writing + in video
*3 guided meditations
* 6 « fiches linguistiques »
* Unlimited support within working hours.
* Access to Slack private channel for 3 weeks

Price – 300$


Je dirais que ce programme est très utile aussi pour ceux qui ont un niveau intermédiaire ou avancé. Les sujets sont hyper complets et on peut aller au fond. Honnêtement, je n'ai rien à ajouter. Tout était sublime


1. I’m afraid I won’t have enough time

It will take you approximately 3 hours per week, and you can work at any time of the day! You can set aside some me-time and create the habit of taking care of yourself, through learning French. Plus the effectiveness is worth the investment!

2. Is there a 1:1 class?

No, there isn’t. That’s why the programme is so adaptable. But I will be connecting with you personally in the Slack Community throughout the program.

3. I’m not sure I can use all the tech stuff?

No problem, let’s meet 15 min online and I’ll teach you how to use everything.

4. What happens if I don’t do my assignments on time?

Deadlines are very important to respect, both for your accountability and for your teacher. If the assignments are not finished on time, I cannot guarantee that I will have the time to give you a feedback on them. 

5. I would like to register for the COMMITED Package, but I can’t afford 450$ upfront.

No problem, we will arrange an automatic monthly payment. Just contact me to discuss it.