Learn French Mindfully

A Mindful Approach to Learning French

“Mindfulness means being entirely present to yourself. It’s a mental training to bring your awareness to the present moment. It’s savouring every moment of your life as a gift. It’s being awake to yourself in order not to react automatically to our thoughts or emotions, but to choose how we respond to them.”


Sounds familiar?


You want to study French tonight, but you’re distracted by so many things around you. 

You’re listening to a French podcast while doing the groceries but you can’t seem to focus. You are trying to study your vocabulary list on Duolingo on your phone but you keep receiving notifications. You are doing a grammar exercise and at the same time your children / partner / pets keep calling for your attention.

You are tense, and it’s understandable. 

You’ve always wanted to speak French and you love the language, but you’re somehow afraid you could fail. That would prove Ms. Donc, your school teacher, right. Remember how she used to say you didn’t have a brain for languages. Why should you even bother?

…Take a deep breath…

Mindfulness might be the answer for you.



What’s a Mindful Approach to learning French?


Bring awareness to the real reason why you are learning French, identifying your intrinsic motivation, but also your fears and stress factors that impede your confidence and fluency. Conscience is always the first step towards transformation.

Letting go

Of unrealistic expectations, of wanting to control everything, of the horrible past experiences you’ve had at school, of the fear of making mistakes, but also of your limiting beliefs: those thoughts you have created about yourself that prevent you from leading the life you want and speaking the French you know.

Presence of mind

Practicing being in the now doesn’t mean preventing yourself to think. It means training your mind to let go of your inner chatter every time it arises, the same way you would train a puppy. That way, you learn not to be distracted, neither by external factors, nor by unhelpful thoughts. 


 Accepting your true level and real difficulties is total honesty is essential to creating a realistic learning journey for you. But it’s also about self-acceptance, and practicing non-judgment, I create for you a safe environment where mistakes and human imperfections are celebrated as learning opportunities.


Mindful Life Coaching

Gain clarity, practice mindfulness and design a life at your image.


Journaling for Fluency Program

Explore yourself through the lens of French, develop your fluency and self-awareness through journaling


French Awareness

The perfect blend of French acquisition and Mindful Life Coaching: discover authentic resources, practice mindfulness and reinvent yourself.


Spend a week in a magical place to immerse yourself in French. Experience a mindful lifestyle and enjoy daily conversations in French. 

How Can Mindfulness Help?  

When you practice mindfulness, you are focused on the present moment. Which brings you calm, clarity, joy. 

You are fully engaged in your task. There is no room for worrying about the outcome. There is no room for judgment. Instead, you have compassion. For your human imperfections, for the mistakes, big or small. You stop beating yourself up, and you fix your attention on the action instead of on the reaction.

And that makes you wonderfully more resilient.   

The Mindful French Learner's Guide

Are you tired of the traditional French class? Do you feel disconnected from your French practice? Do you wish you were more discipined? Are you stagnating in a pool of intermediate French soup?

This free Mindful French Learner's Guide will show you the way to a more respectful and meaningful way to acquire French, all while making progress on your path to self-awareness.

You will experience:

* The benefits of journaling in French

* The link between mindfulness and French

* How reading and listening can become natural when you are genuinely interested in the topic.