You’ve been learning French for a while and you’ve tried a couple of methods, a couple of apps, taken a few language challenges, maybe you’ve taken classes in a school or with a private tutor.

When you started you were really motivated and excited. French is such a beautiful language. But the French learning journey hasn’t quite turned out to be what you imagined it would be.

It’s been months, or years that you’re learning it, and still you feel disconnected from French.

As if you two were still strangers, when all you want is the deep connection, the conscious and fulfilling relationship.

You want to feel confident to speak your mind and your heart in French, in a way that feels authentic. 

You want to feel that the language is a part of you, a part of your life and of your soul. 

Bulle de Français is exactly what you need.

Your coach & teacher

Bonjour! I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle, the founder of French Sunny Side. I’m a language lover, teacher and mindfulness & life coach.

 I believe in the power of languages to connect people within themselves and with the world.

I also believe that language learning doesn’t have to be a race or a marathon. It can be a pleasurable, sustainable and mindful practice. 

I design learning experiences for French learners to explore themselves through the lens of French, so that they find their voice and express it with confidence and authenticity.

An oasis for French learners

Bulle de Français is an oasis, a safe space for French learners like you who are looking for a mindful and meaningful approach to their language practice.

This self-paced soulful program will help you:

  • Progressively immerse yourself in the French language, as naturally as possible.
  • Understand meaning from context with a little help, until you can do it autonomously.
  • Express yourself with fluency and ease, both in writing and orally.
  • Connect to your creative, intuitive self through artistic activities for non-artists.
  • Discover yourself in a new light thanks to the reflexions and the journaling prompts.
  • Get comfortable with the pronunciation and rhythms of French.
  • Grow, heal and lead a more joyful, fulfilling and mindful life.
Bulle de Français inside


In our dedicated community, connect with others learners who are dedicated to their self-growth.

Access our platform on your computer on or your phone, and engage daily with the beautiful content, with your coach and with your peers.

Speaking French isn’t an accident anymore: it becomes part of who you are.


Inspiring Input

Access a library of journals that gather content in progressive French. At your own pace, grow your awareness of the language through  audios and texts about mindfulness, self-development, well-being, poetry, music, creativity, …



Develop your voice in French through thought-provoking journaling prompts. 

The more you write, the easier it becomes to form your thoughts and ideas directly in French.

You stop translating. You start embodying.

A gift to yourself

A moment to yourself, to self-care, relax, and learn French at the same time. 

Connect with the joy of learning through fun and inspiring activities.

French will never feel like a chore again. You won’t have to study French anymore. Instead, you’ll want to.

I’ve been really happy with the content and feel you’re being very generous with it— there’s lots of good stuff to really dive into. And it’s a good balance of writing, meditation, and having fun and a chance to play.

Maggie, California

Personal chef

Bulle de francais allowed me to create a wonderful morning journaling routine with what I really love, which is language learning. I really enjoyed my morning moments full of self-care with the Bulle and a cup of coffee:)

Joanna Radomska, Poland

Teacher, Walking with Languages

What’s inside? 

Bulle de Fraçais is not a course, nor language lessons.sIt’s an experience. A parenthesis from your busy life, that invites you to let go of the need for results. When you focus on pleasure, your improvement is inevitable. 

Inside our community, you’ll find a library of content to dive into, as well as live events to practice your conversational skills. 

Access all the journals Bulle de Français is released.

Each journal explores a specific theme of self-development, positive psychology, spirituality or mindfulness, in a beautiful printable PDF format that invites you to slow down…

With French, in French.


Journals for language exposure

A library of 24+ inspiring journals in progressive French.  Read, listen, write, draw, create… around a specific theme of self-growth and self-discovery. 


Guided meditations

Maintain your mindfulness practice with guided meditations in French. Accessible online + downloads available.

NEW - Monthly Conversations

Practice makes progress: Every month, speak French in a conversation group. Bring your favorite drink, relax and enjoy real conversations! 

NEW - Masterclass

Learn how to learn French, the mindful way. Access a library o Masterclasses on mindfulness & language learning, all in French.

NEW - Workshops

Come practice together! Once a month, we meet and together we share a short meditation, we read a text, speak about it, and share a creative exercice together. (writing, drawing, poetry writing) 


We share a dedicated platform on Mighty Networks. A bit like a special website + app only for your French practice. Chat, comment, like, join events, post… The perfect opportunity to stay in contact with French every day!

The amount of content has been fantastic. It’s enough that I feel like I have a full month’s worth of activities, but not too much that it feels overwhelming. I’m also finding that the experience of working with the same theme all throughout the month creates a kind of continuity and sense of increasing depth/mastery throughout the month.

Paulette, Massachussets


I absolutely love the format! The readings and audios are great. The content helps me reflect and helps me learn French terms that are relevant to me. If you’re looking for self-guided French resources that are professional and beautifully designed, Bulle de Français is what you need!

Juliana Russel, NY (USA)

Language Teacher, The Language Mindset

How It Works


Join the waiting list

Get your free Catalog to discover more about the program, and join the waiting list to be notified of the opening of the program (a few times a year).

When you subscribe to the membership , you directly unlock your access to the library of content in our Mightly Network Bulle de Français. 

Check your mails!

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a “Welcome email”. Inside, get specific advice on how to make the most of your membership.

Every week, you’ll get a special e-mail “Cette semaine dans ta bulle“: inside, reminder of the events + an invitation for a mindful French practice.

Start learning

Use the materials at your own pace. Make a plan to that fits into your life and share your progress in our community. There,  you can connect directly with me and the other members.


Start your Mindful Journey to French Fluency

for just €85/ month

Jessica, j’adore ton Journal Bulle de Français. Tellement de choses à lire, à écouter, à réfléchir! Et tout ça pour vivre plus consciemment, sainement et heureux. Une mine d’inspiration!

Joanna Dalewska, Poland

Teacher, Evenings with Polish

All your questions answered

1. What level should I have to benefit from this product? 

The content of the membership is perfect for a pre-intermediate to advanced level. Your level of French will determine how in depth you will use the material, allowing you to improve at your own pace. Contact me if you’re not sure, we will determine your level together (

2. Will I have a direct access to my coach? 

Yes! I will be popping multiple times a week in our private community to chat with you. 

3. Will I have a feedback on my journaling prompts?

Not from your teacher, but you can share your writings in the community for a general feedback from your peers.

4. How long do I have access to the material?

As long as you’re part of the membership, you are free to enjoy all the materials and resources shared with you. 

5. What if I don’t like it? 

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending me an e-mail and your membership will not be renewed. 

Due to the nature of this program, please note that refunds or breaks are not possible.

Is your question not answered here?  Contact me at !