Bulle de Français

Self-paced monthly program for self-discovery and well-being through French



Develop your voice in French through thought-provoking journaling prompts

Inspiring Input

Grow your awareness of the language through exclusive texts about mindfulness, self-development, well-being, and listen to the accompanying recordings.

Joy of learning

Connect with the joy of learning through fun and inspiring activities

A gift to yourself

A moment to yourself, to self-care, relax, and learn French at the same time. 

Fed up with uninspiring textbooks, grammar drills and traditional classrooms? Feeling disconnected from the language and from yourself? Stressed out by the never-ending to-do lists? Dreaming of confidence and proficiency in French while also enjoying yourself?

I’ve got you

I’ve been there too many times.

What if I told you there’s another way? That learning French can be a pleasure. A moment to take care of yourself. That you can both learn a language and bring more compassion, patience, and self-awareness into your language practice and into your life? 

A safe space

Bulle de Français is a safe space for French learners like you who need a monthly dose of inspiration to work on their language through activities they love. 

It’s a place to discover more about the plurality of who you are in the different languages you speak.

A space to find and express your unique authentic voice.

To explore your creativity and your sense of self, one journaling prompt, one meditation, one artistic activity at a time. 


Bulle de Français

I’ve been really happy with the content and feel you’re being very generous with it— there’s lots of good stuff to really dive into. And it’s a good balance of writing, meditation, and having fun and a chance to play.

Maggie, California

Personal chef

Bulle de francais allowed me to create a wonderful morning journaling routine with what I really love, which is language learning. I really enjoyed my morning moments full of self-care with the Bulle and a cup of coffee:)

Joanna Radomska, Poland

Teacher, Walking with Languages

With Bulle de Français, you get to…


  • Immerse yourself in the language as naturally as possible
  • Understand meaning from context, just as in real life.
  • Express yourself in writing and orally with fluency and in a way that feels like you.
  • Get creative in a different language through artistic activities
  • Discover yourself in a new light thanks to the reflexions provided in each issue.
  • Get comfortable with the pronunciation and rhythms of French.
  • Invite and maintain mindfulness into your life for more joy and alignment. 

Your coach & teacher

Bonjour! I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle, the founder of French Sunny Side. I’m a language lover, teacher and mindfulness & life coach.

 I believe in the power of languages to connect people within themselves and with the world.

I also believe that language learning doesn’t have to be a race or a marathon. It can be a pleasurable, sustainable and mindful practice. 

I design learning experiences for French learners to explore themselves through the lens of French, so that they find their voice and express it with confidence and authenticity.

What’s inside? 


Every month, receive in your mailbox your Bulle de Français  in a printable PDF format with audio & video links . 

Inside, you’ll find: 








Journaling prompts

Thought-provoking journaling prompts in French to help you develop your “inner voice” in the language all while exploring yourself through French.


Reconnect to the joy of learning through fun and inspiring activities such as art, doodling, music, etc.

Guided meditations

Maintain your mindfulness practice with guided meditations

Exclusive texts

Grow your awareness of the language through exclusive texts about mindfulness, self-development, positive psychology and well-being carefully written and created by your coach and teacher.


Train your oral understanding with the accompanying audio to the texts recorded in a podcast style. 

Mantras and affirmations

Improve your mindset with the power of intention

Mindfulness tips

Invite mindfulness into your life with specific tips and gentle challenges


Interact with me and other members in our private What’sApp group

VIP Specials

To help you keep accountable and focused, choose the VIP version of the program and enjoy these bonuses:

– 1 of your journal entries corrected monthly

– 1 monthly group coaching on the theme explored

– 1 individual coaching session of 45 minutes with me quarterly


The amount of content has been fantastic. It’s enough that I feel like I have a full month’s worth of activities, but not too much that it feels overwhelming. I’m also finding that the experience of working with the same theme all throughout the month creates a kind of continuity and sense of increasing depth/mastery throughout the month.

Paulette, Massachussets


How It Works



Subscribe before the closing date of the registration, receiving a welcoming package to start your adventure with Bulle de Français.

After 90 days, your membership will then be automatically renewed unless you decide to unsubscribe (which you can do any time)

Receive all materials

Directly in your inbox at the beginning of every month, receive your beautiful PDF journal, as well as an invitation to join our What’s App private group and the online events of the month. 

Start learning

Use the materials at your own pace. Make a plan to that fits into your life and share your progress in our community. There,  you can connect directly with me and the other members.


Includes : The monthly PDF journal + audio files + unlimited support in our online community  + monthly invitation to our Cercles de Parole

€120 / trimester

Includes : the monthly PDF journal – audio files +  unlimited support in our online community  

+ Individual feedback and correction of an entry journal (400 words)

+ One group coaching session per month (60 minutes)

+ One individual coaching session per trimester (45 minutes)  

€220 / trimester

I subscribed to Bulle de Français because I wanted to have self-paced material in mindfulness.

I absolutely love the format! The readings and audios are great even if I realize that I struggle to make time for it.

The content helps me reflect and helps me learn French terms that are relevant to me.

If you’re looking for self-guided French resources that are professional and beautifully designed, then Jessica’s Bulle de Français is what you need!

Juliana Russel, New York

Teacher - The Language Mindset

Jessica, j’adore ton Journal Bulle de Français. Tellement de choses à lire, à écouter, à réfléchir! Et tout ça pour vivre plus consciemment, sainement et heureux. Une mine d’inspiration!

Joanna Dalewska, Poland

Teacher, Evenings with Polish



1. What level should I have to benefit from this product? 

The content of the membership is perfect for an intermediate to advanced level. Your level of French will determine how in depth you will use the material, allowing you to improve at your own pace. Contact me if you’re not sure, we will determine your level together.

2. Can I pay per month instead of for 3 months? 

The membership is based on a 3-month commitment to allow you to really start benefiting from this format of autonomous learning, as well as to experience the continuous support of our community.  

3. Will I have a direct access to my coach? 

Yes! I will be popping daily into our private what’s App community to chat with you. We will also meet for our occasional”Cercles de Parole”. If you choose the VIP program, you will have access to a group coaching session every month, as well as your individual coaching session quarterly.

4. Will I have a feedback on my journaling prompts?

As a VIP members, you can submit 1 journal entry per month for feedback (400 words max). If you wish to have a personalized (language + coaching) feedback on your journal entries, you might want to try the Mindful Journaling Program instead. 

5. How long do I have access to the material?

How about forever? You can download the pdf journal on your computer and print it. You can also download the audio files and listen to them wherever, whenever. 

6. Can I buy previous issues of Bulle de Français?

Yes! The previous issues of Bulle de Français are available for sale on my online shop here: French Sunny Side’s Gumroad

7. What if I don’t like it? 

If you enjoyed the free Mindful French Learner’s Guide, you’re very likely to enjoy this too. If you realize that this is not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending me an e-mail and your membership will not be renewed. However, please note that refunds or breaks are not possible. 

Other questions? Contact me at Jessica /at/ frenchsunnyside /dot/ com!

Where to start?

Tired of learning French as if it was a race for quick results? Want to fall in love with the language, and be able to express your true feelings and emotions with ease and confidence? 

The Mindful French Learner's Guide will get you started on your journey to a sustainable, deep and mindful approach to French and to life. You'll learn: 

  • How to journal to develop fluency and self-awareness;
  • What mindfulness can bring to your language practice;
  • How creativity and self-expression help you reconnect within and enjoy the process.