French lessons 1:1

Hey there! Here are the two types of 1:1 lessons you can book with me. 

Please note that those are all for Intermediate Level (B1 – C1). 

In the Moment conversation

You need is some opportunity to practice French. This class allows you to connect to and express yourself in French. Together, we build your confidence through non-judgment and self-compassion, in fun and lively discussions to help you reach fluency and speech accuracy.

French Awareness: 32$/h (monthly subscription)

  • Learn the language through authentic ressources around the themes of self-development, self-exploration, well-being, positive psychology, and mindfulness;
  • Gently develop to become an autonomous learner and work on your oral understanding, your reading skills, to reach written and oral fluency;
  • Grow your conversational skills and your speech accuracy through meaningful conversations with your tutor.

Meet with me! Book a 20 minutes consultation for just 5$ and let’s discover together what is the best solution for you.

Plan the journey – Language coaching session

Are you a bit lost with what to do outside of your French classes? Are you uncertain that your current methods are actually effective? Are you facing a wall when evaluating your progress? Take a deep breath, I’m here for you.

In this individual coaching session

  • Address the struggles and frustrations that are currently overwhelming you;
  • Discover the tools to develop a more effective and positive mindset when it comes to learning;
  • Learn to use language learning as a way to take care of yourself in a busy and noisy life;
  • Design a way for you to reconnect with the joy of learning French, the pleasure of acquiring the language and the focus to dedicate yourself to learning activities that work for you. 
I just had my first class with Jessica. I am very happy because she is easy-going, she is using efficient practical language learning methods and she can adapt to personal needs of a student. Looking forward to more classes with Jessica.
She is a superstar! Very positive and supportive.
Definitely the best teacher I've ever had. With Jessica, it is easy to be confident and to speak the language. I am sure that she will help me to be fluent soon!