French Awareness

A Weekly Coaching Program for Intermediate French-learners who want to progress both in French and in life.

Is this you?

Do you find yourself stuck yet not knowing how to move forward?

 Do you wish you could understand ad converse with native speakers more easily? 

Do you feel disconnected from yourself when you speak French? 

Are you curious to discover how the new perspective of French can unlock your life?

French Awareness is a weekly French and Life coaching program that will allow you to naturally bring more awareness to your French and to yourself. Week after week, you gain more clarity, you express yourself more freely and you build the life you’ve always wanted.

Perfect for you if…


You have reached an intermediate / advanced level of French.

You are fed up with the textbooks that are not relevant to you.

You want to become more autonomous in your French learning practice but you don’t know how. 

You are interested in mindfulness and self-awareness. 

You want to be understood and guided by a professional towards more clarity on your language and personal path. 

Not for you if…


You are a beginner or a false beginner.

You have a meticulous approach to language learning, you need to understand and study every grammar rule.

You are looking for a quick fix.

You don’t want to work outside of your online sessions. This program requires commitment on your part and I can’t do the work for you.


Develop yourself through French


Reinvent yourself in French through exploring the different aspects of a mindful life.

Stop wasting your time learning French through uninteresting input just for the sake of French.

Now, when you study French, you are taking time for you.

You are creating an appointment with yourself to potentially transform your life.


  • Learn how to understand meaning from context, just as in real life.
  • Understand typical oral expressions that aren’t found in vocabulary lists.
  • Improve your listening skills by being exposed to authentic French.
  • Connect with the reflexions provided in each topci to discover yourself in a new light.
  • Work and improve in specific areas of your life (i.e. job-life balance, self-esteem, self-discipline, finances, etc.)
  • Express yourself in writing and orally with fluency and ease, in a way that feels like you. 
  • See yourself as a French speaker, not a French learner anymore.

I remember my first lesson when I couldn’t say a whole sentence in French. Now I feel comfortable in French-speaking countries and I can discuss abstract topics. I’m very grateful for your and your program, not only because you gave me so much and I learned a lot, but because you pushed me to develop and go forward. I’m ready now to become an actor on my language learning path and in my life. I wish everyone had a coach like you!

Valentina, Russia

I’ve been guided by Jessica in a journey of self-exploration, which was completely unexpected. I was initially simply looking to improve my French, but I was amazed at how exploring, challenging and describing my own emotional landscape, using mindfulness, produced all the linguistic improvements I was looking for, at the same time as giving me tools to daily boost my mental well-being at home and at work. Bravo!”

James, UK

What is The Process Like?

Every week, receive a new detailed study guide linked to an authentic document  (podcast, texts, videos) and start learning.

Explore your thoughts through relevant journaling prompts.

If you’ve opted for the Basic program, you will also receive speaking prompts to express your ideas orally in an audio recording.

Feedback will be provided for both assigments.

If you’ve opted for the VIP program, you have weekly coaching sessions of 45 minutes, during which we will discuss how you’ve responded to the topic and how to apply it to your own life. A language feedback is also provided. 

More autonomous work, more guidance, more flexibility.

1. Life Balance Evaluation

A questionnaire in French to help you evaluate every area of your life. This step allows us to know what needs to be addressed for a more balanced and harmonized life.

2. Weekly study guide

Discover an authentic document in autonomy (a podcast, a text, a video) thanks to my detailed study guides that will allow you to understand the message of a text that wasn’t specifically written for learners. For a genuine acquisition experience.

3. Journaling Prompts

Submit one journaling assignment per week, receive personal and linguistic feedback.

4. Speaking Prompts (Basic)

Submit one voice recording of 5 minutes every week and learn to express your thoughts and emotions out loud. Receive specific and thorough feedback on your oral skills.

4. Weekly 1:1 sessions (VIP)

We will meet in individual online 1 on 1 coaching session of 45 minutes to really help you create the personal outcome you were looking for.

5. Unlimited assistance

What’sApp assistance whenever you need it, during my working ours. I’m here to guide you all the way.

Your Guide

I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle. I’m an online French teacher and a Mindful Life Coach. I create self-discovering language learning experiences that help French learners explore themselves and gain confidence in their language, and in themselves.



“It’s a language lesson, and it’s therapy at the same time. My weekly session is very special to me.” – Robert Phaneuf, Boston

“She’s a superstar! Very positive and supportive” – Ersin, Turkey

French  Awareness Packages

Basic Level

Work autonomously with a gentle guidance

More Details

– Life Balance Questionnaire; 

– 3 detailed study guides; 

– 3 Journaling assignments, corrections and feedback; 

– 3 Speaking assignments, corrections and feedback; 

– Unlimited what’sApp support

– Ongoing program (Rhythm : 3 weeks + 1 week break)


$300 / month

VIP Level

Includes individual online life coaching sessions in French

More Details

– Life Balance Questionnaire;

–  3 detailed study guides;

– 3 journaling assignments, corrections and feedback;

– 3 individual 1:1 online coaching sessions (45min)

– Unlimited what’sApp support

– Ongoing program (Rhythm: 3 weeks + 1 week break

$420 / month

The Mindful French Learner's Guide

Are you tired of the traditional French class? Do you feel disconnected from your French practice? Do you wish you were more discipined? Are you stagnating in a pool of intermediate French soup?

This free Mindful French Learner's Guide will show you the way to a more respectful and meaningful way to acquire French, all while making progress on your path to self-awareness.

You will experience:

* The benefits of journaling in French

* The link between mindfulness and French

* How reading and listening can become natural when you are genuinely interested in the topic.