Mindful digital products to help you grow through French

My French Journal

Do you wish you could express your thoughts and emotions confidently and with ease in French?


Learn to express your emotions, your gratitude, your pain and your desires in French so that you can progressively transform this “foreign language” into a language you can call your own.

More than just translating from one language to another, you will start to develop confidence to think in French.

And when you can think fluently, you can speak fluently.


    • Guidelines : How to journal mindfully and effectively in French
    • 30 inspiring and thought-provoking journaling prompts in French to explore your past, clarify the present and dream the future.
    • Suggestion of words to use as an extra challenge in each prompt

    Available immediately in a digital version.


    L’alchimiste – My Reading Guide 

    Have you always wanted to read in French but felt daunted to do so ?

    What if you don’t have to do it alone? Forget about graded readers!

    Discover the famous symbolic novel L’Alchimiste by Paulo Coelho thanks to My Reading Guide: a specially designed guide to help intermediate – advanced French speakers enjoy this novel in its full version and introspect in French at the same time.


    • 11 Sections
    • Introduction to anticipate the content,
    • Vocabulary lists
    • Questions to check your understanding
    • A short summary
    • Journaling questions with added space to write

    Available immediately in a digital version.


    Bulle de Français – Numéros Individuels