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My Reading Guide - L'Alchimiste

A reading guide to help you enjoy this beautiful and symbolic novel autonomously, while exploring deep self-exploratory journaling prompts created by a trained language teacher and professional life coach.

  • Immerse in a full-length novel in French with ease
  • Improve your language with exposure and pleasure
  • Dive into self-reflection in French and develop your written fluency and confidence
  • Overcome the fear of reading a novel that wasn't especially written for students
  • Discover advanced literary expressions and develop your own vocabulary
  • Combine pleasure and growth

This PDF reading guide (all in French) is made of 120 pages that allow you to read, understand, reflect and journal. You can choose to print it or to write your reflections in a separate notebook. Whatever you do, it's the perfect companion to the reading of L'Alchimiste, one of the best-loved novel of all times.

Includes an introduction and 11 sections, each with:

  • Introduction questions to explore the topics that will be tacked in each sections
  • A list of useful vocabulary "Mots utiles", explained directly in French
  • Comprehension questions to anticipate and check your understanding of the section
  • A short summary in simplified language to reassure you that you understand and remember the most important aspects of the section
  • Self-reflexive journaling prompts to explore your own thoughts and opinions on the spiritual and philosophical concepts brought through this novel.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds or exchanges are possible.