Le pouvoir de l’écriture

Le pouvoir de l’écriture

Fluidifier l’expression orale Un des premiers conseils que je donne à mes étudiants en français, c’est d’écrire un journal. Cela peut paraître contre-intuitif, puisqu’on aurait tendance à croire que pour mieux parler, il suffit de parler plus, n’est-ce pas? Pourtant,...

Where to start?

Tired of learning French as if it was a race for quick results? Want to fall in love with the language, and be able to express your true feelings and emotions with ease and confidence? 

The Mindful French Learner's Guide will get you started on your journey to a sustainable, deep and mindful approach to French and to life. You'll learn: 

  • How to journal to develop fluency and self-awareness;
  • What mindfulness can bring to your language practice;
  • How creativity and self-expression help you reconnect within and enjoy the process.