The Mindful Self-Paced Approach to Learning French

Tired of being inconsistent with French and not making the progress you know you can make?

Let French become an experience, a moment for yourself that blends mindfulness, self-discovery and journaling.

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Do you find it hard to keep consistently motivated to learn French?


You started learning French because you fell in love.

It’s hard to explain what attracts us to a particular language, but one way or another, it’s almost as if French chose you.

In the beginning, it was all good. First words, first phrases. You were using your apps, your books, perhaps you even had a tutor.


You had hope.


And then… life happened.

You fell off the wagon for a few months, or even a few years, and now you’re kinda stuck.

You want to go back to French but every resource that’s recommended to you is so uninspiring that you find it extremely difficult to stick to “a routine”.

So you give up, pick it up, give up, and start blaming yourself for simply not being self-disciplined or motivated enough.

You know that you should “practice more” but there’s nobody around you to speak French with you, and honestly, just the thought of having a meaningless conversation on a basic topic doesn’t sound appealing at all to you.

My dear beautiful soul. It has nothing to do with you.

The thing is, most language learning methods out there, both traditional and modern, focus on the result so much that they make it near to impossible to connect to the process.

This reinforces the disconnect that already exists between you and a language that you would love to speak with ease and confidence, but can’t just yet.


Take a deep breath. You’re in the right place.

Let’s take a walk, you and I, shall we?




I’m Jessica and I help passionate French learners connect with themselves & the language through self-growth, journaling and mindfulness.

Blend French Acquisition with Well-being

Thanks to the unique perspective and the safe distance that a learned language offers, I help you connect within, embrace your plurality and reframe your story. 

Together, we bring more awareness and self-growth to your life. You feel better, you learn better. 

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How to fall in love with French again


Learn French with a self-paced approach that sustains your progress and your self-development.

Very inspiring, deep and thought-provoking questions can turn your language struggles into a fascinating expedition.

Joanna Dalewska

Online Polish teacher, Evenings With Polish

It’s a language class and it’s like therapy at the same time. Our work together is very special to me.

Robert Phaneuf, Massachussets


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