Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle

Mindful Life Coach & French Teacher

Express your true self in French through mindfulness, journaling and self-discovery

Improve your French and your life at the same time.

Thanks to the unique perspective and the safe distance that a learned language offers, I help you connect within, embrace your plurality and reframe your story. 

Together, we bring more awareness and self-growth to your life. You feel better, you learn better. 

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Grab a cup of coffee and dive into insightful blog posts that will inspire you to combine languages and self-care.

Mindful French Learner's Guide

Dive into the French Sunny Side experience: journaling, meditation, mindfulness tips and creative expression, all in French. Perfect for intermediates.

Bulle de Français

Monthly self-paced program for intermediates-advanced French learners

Want to discover a mindful approach to learning French?


Where to start?

Tired of learning French as if it was a race for quick results? Want to fall in love with the language, and be able to express your true feelings and emotions with ease and confidence? 

The Mindful French Learner’s Guide will get you started on your journey to a sustainable, deep and mindful approach to French and to life. You’ll learn: 

  • How to journal to develop fluency and self-awareness;
  • What mindfulness can bring to your language practice;
  • How creativity and self-expression help you reconnect within and enjoy the process.


Very inspiring, deep and thought-provoking questions can turn your language struggles into a fascinating expedition.

Joanna Dalewska

Online Polish teacher, Evenings With Polish

It’s a language class and it’s like therapy at the same time. Our work together is very special to me.

Robert Phaneuf, Massachussets