Learning Mindfully

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment.

Instead of worrying about the past or the future, being mindful allows you to be engaged in all your senses in the now.  It is letting go of the thoughts that we no longer need, and accepting that we are not able to control everything.

Surprisingly, you already practice mindfulness naturally when you are fully immersed in the activities you enjoy doing, in a happy and relaxed way.

This is called « flow » and guess what? It has been proved that this state of mind can increase your performance and your learning aptitude!

Default mode

When we are not mindful, we are in « default mode » or « automatic pilot » mode. Our minds are wandering. We have a tendency to criticize our environment as well as ourselves. Our attention is distracted by a million little things, and our communication is ineffective as we can’t really listen. As a consequence, we easily worry about « what if » instead of focusing on « what is », which is a cause of stress. This stress activates a chronic flight response, which makes us unable to function properly.

For example, multitasking is part of the problem. In our modern technological world, we try to do several things at the same time and we have the illusion that this is going to help us be more productive. However, it is a complete illusion! Indeed, research shows that the mind is unable to do more than one task at a time. Yes, even women…

In fact, we think we are multitasking, but in reality, our mind just goes back and forth from one activity to the other, creating attentional blinks of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds between two things. This prevents us from entering the flow and enjoying what we are doing. Instead, we feel stressed and overwhelmed, and we underperform as we are much slower and more prone to make mistakes.

How can mindfulness help?

When you are mindful, you are focused on the present moment. This attitude brings calm and enjoyment, and it enables you to perform better. Because when you are fully engaged in a task, there is no room for worrying about the outcome.

Practicing self-compassion means that we accept that we are only human, and that we need to stop beating ourselves up. Certainly, if you can feel compassion for someone else in your situation, you can practice compassion for yourself. The more we practice acceptance and self-compassion, the more we can reduce the influence of unpleasant experiences and therefore the fixation of our attention on them. It makes us wonderfully more resilient.

What is a mindful approach to learning?

My classes are based on the big four principles of mindfulness:

  1. Perception: We assess the situation that is, bringing awareness to why we learn, identifying your intrinsic motivation; and discovering how we learn best. At the same time, together we set long-term goals and short-term goals based on this new knowledge.
  2. Letting go: However, we quickly let go of these goals. We forget about them for the time being. Instead, we focus on the moment. We let go of control. We let go of mistakes because they are already in the past.
  3. Acceptance: It is important that we accept ourselves as we are today, with our emotional and physical state, being aware that they can influence our performance. Together, we practice non-judgment and we create a safe environment where mistakes are celebrated as learning opportunities; where we accept them with curiosity instead of criticism.
  4. Presence of mind: We try staying in the now, entering the flow of conversation, the flow of learning without being interrupted by external notifications or by internal thoughts that don’t belong in the present.

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