Mindful French Retreat - Québec

September 21st – 28th, 2020

Reconnect to your true nature, surrounded by inspiring Mother Nature 

Rest, Restore and Reconnect

Québec – September 21st to September 28th, 2020


Viens, je t’emmène

Là où la nature, entière et sauvage

Te murmure des petits mots


La mélodie du clapotit de l’eau

Le bruissement des feuilles qui craquent

C’est le début de l’automne

Et la forêt s’habille de son manteau rouge.

Viens, je t’emmène

Là où le français chante différemment

Et où se mêlent tous les accents

Témoins de la richesse de nos cultures.

Ici on sera bien.

Ici on sera libres

De se raconter nos histoires

De rire de bon coeur au coin du feu

De partager nos états d’âme

Et peut-être même de guérir un peu…

Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle



Who is it for?

  • You are an intermediate to advanced French learner.
  • You love nature and would like a break from the city
  • You are interested in mindfulness, meditation, and self-development.
  • You want to reconnect to yourself and your intuition, all while practicing French

Where is it?

In Val Morin, a little village in the region of the Laurentides, near the National Parc of Mont-Tremblant and about 1h30 from Montréal.

We will stay in a private house, and each participant will have their individual bedroom. 


  • A workshop using French to reconnect with your « True nature », i.e. your authentic self.
  • Formal and informal practice of mindfulness
  • Self-care
  • Outdoor activities
  • Walk and talk sessions

Atelier Ma Vraie Nature

  • Creative Journaling
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Discover the truth of who you are behind the fears
  • Individual Mindful Coaching Session


  • Daily guided meditations in French
  • Restorative yoga (optional)
  • Mindful walks
  • Conscious eating

Outdoor activities

  • Hikes in the Parc National de Val David
  • Kayak / Canoe on the Lac Raymond
  • Relax on the public beach of Lac Raymond
  • Outdoor meditations

Le Havre du Couvent Val Morin

  • A Modern chalet exclusively for our small group of 6
  • A private bedroom for each participant
  • A beautiful balcony to enjoy sunrise and sunset
  • A living room to relax and enjoy our casual workshop
  • French, organic and local food prepared by Chef Andrew

What’s a typical day?


7.00 – Early morning guided meditation 

7.30 – Breakfast 

8.15 – Free time 

9.30 – Workshop at the villa 

12.30 – Lunch 

2.30 – Outdoor activities* (if planned that day) 

5.30 – Restorative yoga (optional) 

7.30 – Dinner

9.30 – Relaxing guided meditation


Registrations are open!

Super exclusive retreat: 6 participants only! – Payment plans possible, contact me for more info

Would you like to join us? Fantastic! Send me an email and let’s start talking!

15 + 13 =

The Mindful French Learner's Guide

Are you tired of the traditional French class? Do you feel disconnected from your French practice? Do you wish you were more discipined? Are you stagnating in a pool of intermediate French soup?

This free Mindful French Learner's Guide will show you the way to a more respectful and meaningful way to acquire French, all while making progress on your path to self-awareness.

You will experience:

* The benefits of journaling in French

* The link between mindfulness and French

* How reading and listening can become natural when you are genuinely interested in the topic.