Mindful Speaking Program

Get into the habit of speaking French daily through introspective prompts

You can write in French. You understand most of the structures and your passive knowledge is ok. And then, you try to speak and you freak out: the words don’t come out right, you forget your pronunciation and let’s not even talk about your verbs. You panic, and your confidence disappears – you’re not good at this… 

But you are!

* What if in just two weeks, you could build this confidence back? 

* What if by only focusing on your language 15 minutes a day, you could start feeling more fluent and freer when it comes to expressing your thoughts in French? 

* What if you got a helpful and encouraging feedback daily, by a professional and experienced teacher to point you in the direction of improvement?


Learn to make time for yourself and enjoy the benefits of self-awareness and self-care through learning French.



You can work on your assignments whenever you are available and whenever you are.


The short duration of the program forces you to respect the deadlines, making you accountable – perfect for real progress.


Speaking French will make you think and put into practice your knowledge of French. You will also be working on your pronunciation and intonation, all while getting to know yourself better. Yeay!


Now is the time to draw attention to the way you speak, for just 5 minutes a day, to actually use those structures and words you have learned and to the best you possibly can.


You won’t be speaking about the news or the weather. You will be speaking about yourself. Embark on this introspective journey to get to know your French self a bit better and embrace who you are.

How does it work

1. For 2 weeks and every day, Monday through Friday, you will receive a speaking prompt through What’s App.

2. You will have 24 hours to record your answer to the speaking prompt and send it to me through What’s App.

3. You will then receive my feedback and explanations through audio/video within 24 hours, together with the next prompt.

4. Additional learning materials will be added to your drive for you to specifically work on the areas of discomfort perceived in your recordings. You can go through these after the program at your own rhythm.

About your teacher

I’m Jessica, the mindful French teacher and founder of French Sunny Side. I am a language enthusiast and I’m passionate about mindfulness, self-development and self-actualisation. I help intermediate francophiles like you find and express their French voice with confidence, develop their potential and reach real fluency.


Mindful Speaking Program

* Discover your French voice, one recording at a time.

* Convert your knowledge into real skill.

* Let go of speaking anxieties.

* Leave your comfort zone in a safe environment.

Price: 199 US$

Payment via Paypal or Credit Card 






1. I’m afraid I won’t have enough time

You will only work about 15 minutes per day, and you can work at any time of the day! You can set aside some me-time and create the habit of taking care of yourself, through learning French. It’s even possible while you’re travelling!

2. Is there a 1:1 class?

No, there isn’t. That’s why the programme is so adaptable and cheap. But we will have a group meeting at the end, to connect and share our experience.

3. I’m not sure I can use all the tech stuff?

No problem, let’s meet 15 min online and I’ll teach you how to use everything.

4. Other questions or suggestions? 

Get in touch ! –> jessica@frenchsunnyside.com