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Learning French for you is more than just vocabulary, grammar and textbooks. It’s about finding meaning around you. It’s about being connected to yourself and to the world. It’s about understanding the language of philosophie and savoir-vivre. It’s about exploring your French self and being able to express yourself freely and with confidence.

I’m Jessica. I’m a French teacher from Belgium, and a language coach. I’m passionate about self-improvement and growth. Through mindfulness and self-development, I help francophiles like you find their voice in French and express who they are in a confident manner.

Here’s how I can help you:

Profite du confort de ton salon pour prendre un cours individuel avec un tuteur professionnel – Plus d’info

Des programmes spécialement créés pour les apprenants sur le chemin de l’autonomie. Particulièrement adaptables, ces programmes te permettront de pratiquer et d’apprendre partout, même en voyage! 

–> Mindful Journaling for Fluency

–> Mindful Speaking Program

Envie de sortir doucement de ta zone de confort et conquérir ta peur de parler devant les autres? Ce cours de groupe, organisé tous les samedis, est ce qu’il te faut! Plus d’infos

Une fois par an, French Sunny Side se déplace dans le sud de la France pour un voyage exclusif. Vis l’immersion française en pleine conscience, et libère ton français. Plus d’infos

“I started taking lessons with Jessica because I was not comfortable enough to speak: I couldn’t express myself fluently and spontaneously without searching for words and having a simple conversation was really stressful. Jessica was very patient with me, and lessons with her are a real pleasure with a lot of goodwill. After few weeks, I was already more confident. I surprise myself as it is really easy for me to speak and I understand almost everything. I'm not afraid to talk and I can even make some jokes ! I am very proud of myself ! I really must thank Jessica for this new strong confidence”

I’d love to help you on your French journey too! Why don’t we meet online? 

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