French Awareness

Weekly Coaching Program for Introverts who want to speak confidently, both in French and in Life.

Is this you?

– You’ve reached an intermediate /advanced level of French (B2-C1).
– You’re fed up with the textbooks that are not relevant to you.
– You want to become autonomous in your French learning practice and grow your self-confidence.
– You are interested in mindfulness and self-development.
– You want to be understood and guided by a professional for more clarity on your path.

Develop yourself through French

Reinvent yourself in French through exploring the different aspects of a mindful life. Develop your self-confidence both in French and in life. Stop wasting time learning French through uninteresting input « just for the sake of French ». 

Now, when you study French, you’re taking time just for you. You’re making an appointment with yourself to transform your life.

  • The perfect blend of French learning and Mindful Life Coaching.
  • A comprehensive, holistic approach to French and self-awareness.
  • Authentic ressources around the themes of self-development, self-exploration, well-being, positive psychology, and mindfulness.
  • Become an autonomous learner and work on your oral understanding and your reading skills, to reach written and oral fluency.
  • Grow effective conversational skills and speech accuracy through regular sessions with your coach.

How does it work?

Every week, you will receive a new lesson to work through on your own. We will then meet online at a fixed time and date to discuss the subject explored and how you relate to it. You will be provided with a journaling prompt after our meeting to continue your introspection in writing. You will receive corrections on your French + feedback both on the language and on the personal level, in a mindful, non-invasive way.

More autonomous work, more guidance, more flexibility. Less time spent « filling » the hour with small talk.

Let me accompany you, one step at a time.

It's a language lesson, and it's therapy at the same time. My weekly session is very special to me.

She is a superstar! Very positive and supportive.

Definitely the best teacher I've ever had. With Jessica, it is easy to be confident and to speak the language. I am sure that she will help me to be fluent soon!

What’s included?

1. A introductory life-balance assessment to explore the areas of your life that require attention;

2. A weekly study guide to discover an authentic ressource on your own (a podcast, a youtube video, or a blog post), all linked to personal development;

3. A weekly journaling prompt to explore your thoughts on the subject of the week;

4. Personalized and specific corrections and feedback in between sessions;

5. Weekly 1:1 sessions of 30 minutes;

6. Downloadable guided meditation in French every Friday;

7. Unlimited priority email assistance within my working hours.

8. Access to our Slack community to discuss and meet with the other Mindful French Learners.

Your guide

I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle. I’m a French teacher and a Life Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner.  


I help intermediate francophiles explore themselves through the lens of French, in order to find their voice and express it with confidence and authenticity.



* introductory life
balance assessment
* 4 online meetings of 30 minutes
* 4 study guides
* 4 guided meditations
* a month of access to our Slack community
* Priority email assistance






* introductory life-balance assessment

*24 online meetings of 30 minutes

*24 study guides

*24 guided meditations

*6 months of access to our Slack community

*Priority email assistance

+ Bonus coaching call at the end


(= 220$/month)



* introductory life-balance assessment
* 12 online meetings of 30 minutes
* 12 study guides
* 12 guided meditations
* 3 months of access to our Slack community
* Priority email assistance



(= 230$/month)


Meet with me! Book a 30 minute consultation and let’s discuss the best solution for you.