Mindful Journaling for French Fluency

Your passive knowledge of French is good enough, but you still struggle when it comes to speaking spontaneously. Mindful Journaling for Fluency will help you to feel the direct benefits of journaling, to connect to your French self and allow you to express more freely and more confidently, all while giving you access to a deeper level of self-understanding.

  • Duration: 3 weeks (June 3rd - June 23rd 2019) - 6 journaling and speaking prompts - 12 assignments (6 in writing - 6 in audio/video)
  • Personal and individual feedback twice a week in writing.
  • Specific pointers on what to work on based on corrections: specific language explanations, tips, references and exercices to work on as a takeaway (completely self-paced)
  • A group call in French after the challenge to share and discuss our experience
  • Price: 120$ - 99$ (*early bird)

So how does it work exactly? 7 Steps

  1. Every Monday and Wednesday, you will receive by mail a journaling prompt with a few specific vocabulary words to use;
  2. You will have 36 hours to complete your written assignment of about 350 words in a private Google Drive document. You will notify me when you’re ready.
  3. I will then add notes, suggestions and corrections to your document within 24 hours of completion.
  4. Additional learning material will be added to your drive for you to specifically work on the areas of discomfort perceived in your written text. You can go through these after the challenge, at your own rhythm. 
  5. It’s now time for the speaking part! You will record yourself speaking about what you wrote. You can have your text close by, but don’t read! The point is to use what you’ve worked on to speak « spontaneously ». You will then share your recording through What’s App. Bonus points if you make a video to embrace your body language and work on your confidence!
  6. Finally, I will provide you with an individual feedback of your recording (pronunciation, intonation, etc.).
  7. After the challenge, we will have an online group meeting on Zoom to share our experience and our impressions.


Lundi Mardi Mercredi  Jeudi Vendredi Samedi
Semaine 1 Prompt 1 Correction Recording 1 Prompt 2 Correction Recording 2
Semaine 2 Prompt 3 Correction Recording 3 Prompt 4 Correction Recording 4
Semaine 3 Prompt 5 Correction Recording 5 Prompt 6 Correction Recording 6

The beauty of this programme is that it is: 

  • Convenient: you can work on it whenever you are available and wherever you are.
  • An accountability-factor: the short duration of the programme forces you to respect the deadlines, and as I will be waiting for your assignments, you will be accountable, which is perfect for real progress!
  • Complete: Journaling in French makes you think and put into practice your grammar, structure and vocabulary, whereas the Speaking part gives you a chance to work on your pronunciation and intonation. Plus, you get to know yourself a bit more 🙂
  • Challenging: We do have a tendency to make it perfect, right? Especially when we record ourselves. This is the best way to make you remember those words and structures, and actually use them!
  • Effective: This programme is completely centered on you and where you are at right now. You will be making most of the work, and you will be focusing on the tasks given instead of on « the results ».
  • Meaningful: We don’t write or speak about the news or the weather. We write and speak about ourselves. Who knows, this introspective journey might also make you a little bit happier 🙂

Register before the 15th of May to enjoy the early bird price*!  


  1. I’m afraid not to have enough time!

You will only work about 10 -15 minutes per day, and you can work at any time of the day! It doesn’t get more flexible than that 😉

  1. Is there a 1:1 class?

No, there isn’t, that’s why the programme is so adaptable. However, we will have a group meeting to share and discuss after the programme!

  1. I’m not sure I can use all the tech stuff.

No problem, I will meet with you online and teach you how to use everything.

4. Other questions or suggestions? Send me an email, I will be happy to talk! —> jessica@frenchsunnyside.com

Looking forward to learning together!

Paix et lumière, 

Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle