I’ve recently shared with you what Language Retreats are and why they are so effective and life-changing, not only in terms of language improvement but also in the way we connect to the language at a different level.

The concept is becoming popular among independent language teachers, and that is truly for the best. Now that you know what a French Retreat is, you might wonder, what is a Mindful French Retreat? and why should you go to a French retreat in Bali?

Now that sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

What is a Mindful French Retreat?

Language Acquisition and Mindfulness


If you are not new to French Sunnyside, you might have come across the terms “language acquisition”, “mindfulness”, “self-awareness” or even “self-therapy” on this website, on my instagram or in my videos.  

This is because, based on my own experience, studies, readings and observations, I have come to understand the powerful self-therapeutic aspect of language learning. 

At the same time I’ve discovered how mindfulness could dramatically improve the way we learn and improve our lives at the same time. 

So I decided to create the perfect blended experience, proposing something different, new, innovative surely, taking language learning to a whole new level.

A Mindful French Retreat isn’t a language immersion class, and it isn’t a language trip either. It is a transforming experience that allows you, through French, to see aspects of yourself in a different light, improving your interaction with the world, your self-image, and therefore your life. 


“What if I could gather a group of French learners to spend a week together, far away from their everyday responsibilities, to speak French all the time and take care of themselves through mindfulness.”


And the Mindful French Retreats are just that. 

A whole week dedicated to you, during which you explore and re-discover yourself in a different light through a different language. 

A week during which not only you speak French all the time, but where you get a chance to learn and practise mindfulness, gratitude, self-compassion, in an inspiring environment. 

Here are 8 Reasons why you definitely should come to Bali with me 

1.  Learn to create a French immersion anywhere

In this special retreat, I want to teach you how to create the immersion experience anywhere. 

When I ask my followers or students the question « what are you struggling with? », the most common answer is « I don’t have the opportunity to practice French in my country. » or « I cannot move to Paris, so my French is doomed ».  

But there are other ways to create an immersive environment than in Paris, or any other francophone city, and that is where you are.

Having a French Retreat in a non-francophone country can make you understand just that: it’s ok to switch between your languages. It makes the experience rich, diverse, plural. Just like you are. And that makes it easier for you to continue living your immersion when you’re back home.

2.  It’s a Unique Retreat

This is the first time ever that a Mindful French Retreat was organized in Bali. Contrary to most wellbeing retreats around the world, It’s been designed for a very selective group of 5 participants only, who will be personally guided by me. 

Being a part of such a small group is a treat that you don’t want to miss: it means more 1:1 time, deeper conversations, and more adaptability to your needs. 

3. Far from everything, close to yourself

It’s wonderful to travel to Paris and visit the Louvre. 

It’s even better, to my taste, to lose yourself in a little village in Southern France and escape the tourists traps and the clichés, and our experience in Beaulieu-sur-Mer was truly something amazing. 

This time, we go much further. 

We go somewhere were the local language is neither French nor English. 

Somewhere where the culture is nothing like you’ve experienced before. 

A place where the people have a completely different mindset to what you are used to.

 A landscape like you have never seen. 

And when you’re somewhere that is so different from everything you know, incredibly enough, you realize that home isn’t a place. 

Home is within you. 


4. Discover a new culture and bring back incredible memories

Walk around the breath-taking rice fields, be awed by the traditional dance performances, meet the wildlife and make new animal friends, try new dishes… Ubud is the perfect blend of nature and traditional Balinese culture, mindfulness, culinary inventiveness. A whole new culture awaits you, ready to fill your soul with an unforgettable experience.

5. Where self-care is a way of life

You might find it difficult back home to just take a break from work, let alone indulge in a massage or a drink by the pool. Bali is the place where self-care is just part of life, as the Balinese know and implement that body, mind and soul are interconnected and all deserve attention and wellness. No need to feel guilty: now is the time to indulge, restore and recharge your batteries.

6. Amazing temples 

Bali has some of the most incredible temples in the world that are accessible to you. Without being a buddhist, you can observe and feel the vibration of these magic places, rich with history and energies. 

7. Exceptional villa that makes you want to never leave

The Patula Villa is perfectly located 10 minutes away from Ubud, which makes everything accessible and yet far enough for you to enjoy your peace and quiet. This architect-designed villa has all the commodities you can dream of: a private pool, an onsite therapy room, a zen garden, private bedrooms with en-suite outdoors bathrooms that allow you to shower while watching the stars. I don’t know about you, but I want to live there. Like, permanently. 

8. Enjoy exceptional service at an affordable price.

If you’re not in Australia or New Zealand, joining to a retreat in Bali may seem more pricy than a retreat in France when it comes to booking your plane tickets. However, this is not considering the quality of service that you will be able to enjoy at a smaller price. This includes coffee, drinks, food, massages, souvenirs, etc. 


So, are you ready to come? 

Enrollment will open on December 2nd, 2019

Why don’t you meet with me online and discover the whole project + Q&A 

+ a wonderful BONUS for those who enroll!

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