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Tips and Insights for a Mindful Approach to Learning French
Traditions de Noël en Belgique

Traditions de Noël en Belgique

Salut les amis! Comment se passent les préparatifs de Noël? Tu es prêt pour le grand jour? Je dois t'avouer que Noël n'a pas la même saveur depuis que nous vivons au Vietnam: il n'y a ni neige, ni sapin, ni les proches avec qui partager ces moments magiques. Nous...

The Mindful French Learner's Guide

Are you tired of the traditional French class? Do you feel disconnected from your French practice? Do you wish you were more discipined? Are you stagnating in a pool of intermediate French soup?

This free Mindful French Learner's Guide will show you the way to a more respectful and meaningful way to acquire French, all while making progress on your path to self-awareness.

You will experience:

* The benefits of journaling in French

* The link between mindfulness and French

* How reading and listening can become natural when you are genuinely interested in the topic.