I’m jessica tefenkgi Ruelle

French Teacher & Mindful Life Coach

Helping you find your authentic voice in French

Mindful Life Coaching

Invite mindfulness in your life, reduce stress and manage your thoughts to design the balanced life you deserve.

French Acquisition

Grow your French through authentic ressources about self-development, guided by a professional teacher & coach. 


Mindful Coaching Program

Gain clarity, practice mindfulness and design a life at your image.


Journaling for Fluency Program

Explore yourself through the lens of French, develop your fluency and self-awareness through journaling


French Awareness

The perfect blend of French acquisition and Mindful Life Coaching: discover authentic ressources, practice mindfulness and reinvent yourself.


Spend a week in a magical place to immerse yourself in French. Experience a mindful lifestyle and enjoy daily conversations in French. 

Mindfulness for French

Mindfulness is the practice of being present to oneself and to one task at a time.

It teaches you to manage distractions and unhelpful thoughts.

Focusing on the process rather than on the result, mindfulness will allow you to let go of your fear of making mistakes, heal your past school traumas and reconnect with the joy of learning French. 

French for Mindfulness

Learning a language is a high cognitive activity. Immersed in your practice, you stop over-thinking and you experience being in the present moment. 

As you learn to accept your imperfections in French, you bring more self-compassion to yourself as a human being.

Also, talking about yourself in French forces you to be creative and to simplify your problems, inviting clarity into your life situation. 


About Me

Raised in Belgium in a multilingual background, I have always been fascinated by the link between languages, cultures and identities. My first language is French, I learned Italian at a young age and soon started journaling in English. I discovered an outlet where to express and explore my thoughts and emotions, which was crucial to understand myself. Just like therapy, but with the benefit of developing my skills and « inner voice » in English.

After studying Modern Languages and Literatures, and a post MA in Education, I naturally started teaching English, which I did for 13 years.  

In 2017, I settled with my family in Asia and founded French Sunnyside, where I create meaningful and effective learning experiences, blending language acquisition, mindfulness and positive psychology.



« Very interesting, deep and inspiring questions can turn your language struggles into a fascinating expedition. » – Joanna, Poland

« It’s a language class, and it’s therapy at the same time. My weekly session is very special to me. » – Robert, Boston

« Jessica was very patient with me, and lessons with her are a real pleasure. After few weeks, I was already more confident. I’m not afraid to talk anymore. » – Laurence, Belgium

The Mindful French Learner's Guide

Are you tired of the traditional French class? Do you feel disconnected from your French practice? Do you wish you were more discipined? Are you stagnating in a pool of intermediate French soup?

This free Mindful French Learner's Guide will show you the way to a more respectful and meaningful way to acquire French, all while making progress on your path to self-awareness.

You will experience:

* The benefits of journaling in French

* The link between mindfulness and French

* How reading and listening can become natural when you are genuinely interested in the topic.